Aging is a beautiful process. You must take care of it, to age beautifully.


Canadian Dermo-Cosmetic Products:

From the start, I chose to provide the Skincare services using Canadian / Montreal based companies. I was pleased to have found 2 different High-Quality / Performance, Dermo-Cosmetic product lines manufactured in Canada and distributed from Montreal, QC. Each devoted to serving the beauty industry for over 30 years. These lines are produced using synergetic ingredients of quality and efficiency with the science aspects derived from raw materials of plants, sea and earth that are safe and results driven, helping to bring back skin vitality and health, that are elegant in texture, scent neutral and/or natural scented.

Continued Education:

As a Specialized Esthetics and Skin Care Technician, my career allows me to constantly learn new beauty breakthrough treatments and methods in the world of skin “beauty”. With this education I will continually bring new and exciting treatment packages and products to you, my clients.

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May 2022 - 53

As we know, we cannot stop the natural process of aging,

however we can help control and slow down the aging process by helping the skin

remain beautiful and keeping it healthy.

Christine Bovay

Masso-Kinesitherapist &

Specialized Skincare Technician


My engagement to you:

From the first time we meet on our video chat, my work begins by listening to your concerns, goals and provide a visual assessment, review of aggravating factors; information regarding nutrition, lifestyle, skincare regime, and other factors, so that I may create personalized results-oriented, Luxury Spa program tailored for you.

For best and long-lasting cure results, your personalized spa therapy program may begin with a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly series of treatments. Often, I will combined two different types of services to reach optimum result. This practiced and results proven formula has proven, long-term benefits. (Pricing plans are available and provide an overall cost effectiveness.)

During our visits, your progress will be evaluated, questions answered, and adjustments to (when necessary) the treatment, products used, and at-home care to minimize the possibility of the treatment over-adapting and seizing to respond progressively.


What is needed from you to start:


It is important that all the information provided in your selected service be read along with the Terms & Conditions.

I welcome the opportunity to answer additional questions by telephone, thereafter, before you book your first Consultation appointment, if needed. 

I look forward to meeting you.


Massage & Esthetics Care Beyond

Your Personalized, Luxurious Spa Experience

Industry Certifications


  • Massage Kinésitherapist - 1,030 + hours education.

  • FQM - Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes member.

  • Specialized Esthetics, Skincare Technician - Edith Serei.

  • Microneedling - Edith Serei.

  • 2 Canadian Classic Eyelash Technician Certificates.

  • 1 USA Russian volume Certificate.

  • 10 Years+ experience in the beauty industry.

  • Multi-discipline clinic work experience.

  • Special care into applying serious attention to doing something exceptionally well and results driven.

  • Taking Beyond current, continuing thereafter.